Recommended accommodation

Pre-booking at special low rates are organised with some hotels in Valencia downtown area, very close to the ADEIT complex. The Symposium venue is located at  walking distance from hotels (5 to 15 minutes walk) and give the opportunity to enjoy a pleasant walk in historical streets of Valencia. A town map will be provided to each participant.

The technical secretariat has pre-booked some rooms in various hotels from 16th  to 18th  October 2016. Please remember that the number of rooms is limited. We recommend that you make your reservation as soon as possible (VAT and breakfast are included in the price in most of them).

Requests will be processed as they are received and will be subject to room availability. 

The conference venue in Huelva will be Puerto Antilla Grand Hotel. Tecnical Secretary has pre-booked some rooms from 19th to 21th October 2016. To book a room by email you must write to if you prefer book througth the website you need use the promocode that you will receive once you complete your registration to the conference.

If you experience any problems, please do not hesitate to contact the administrative assistant by e-mail at or by calling +34 96 2057926.

  • Vincci Palace
    C/ De la Paz, 42, 46003, Valencia
    Single room: € 97.35  Double room: € 107.25
    See complete form      Reservation

  • Casual del Cine Hotel Valencia
    C/ Convento San Francisco, 7 , 46002, Valencia
    Single room: € 65.00  Double room: € 75.00
    See complete form      Reservation

  • Vincci Lys
    Calle Martínez Cubells, 5, 46002, Valencia
    Single room: € 97.35  Double room: € 107.25
    See complete form      Reservation

  • Hostal Antiga Morellana
    Calle En Bou, 46001, Valencia
    Single room: € 40.00  Double room: € 50.00
    See complete form      Reservation

  • Vincci Mercat
    C/ de la Llanterna, 31, 46001, Valencia
    Single room: € 144.00  Double room: € 144.00
    See complete form      Reservation

  • SH Inglés
    C/ Marques de Dos Aguas, 2, 46002, Valencia
    Single room: € 87.00  Double room: € 87.00
    See complete form      Reservation

  • Sweet hotel Continental
    C/ Correos, 46002, Valencia
    Single room: € 49.00  Double room: € 55.00
    See complete form      Reservation

  • HUELVA: Puerto Antilla Grand Hotel
    Beach - Golf & Congress Center Mod playa / H-HU 585,
    Single room: € 56.00  Double room: € 70.00
    See complete form

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